An Awesome Anne Hathaway Pixie Retrospective

anne-hathaway-2-435Anne Hathaway looks so great here, on her way to a morning show in NYC. The outfit is a little strange. But from the neck up: love!

I am so glad she’s sticking with the short crop. And the glasses! Bespectacled girls all over, rejoice!

Huff Post has a great slideshow of Anne’s short hairstyles.

And you know what? I love the shortest one best. I think it’s the most striking, the most flattering. But needless to say, she looks great in all the pics. (I mean, come on. She’s Anne Hathaway!)


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Who Is It?

1394911072_julianne-hough_1I saw this picture and thought to myself, Wow, J-Law looks great!

Only thing is, it’s Julianne Hough.

I’m not totally sure who that is. Okay, I actually have no idea.

Does this mean that J-Law’s look is just so taking off? Or did J-Hough do it first?!

Burning questions. Great look, though!

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Pixie Casual = 4Ever Chic

24_elle191013-7547 lupita nyong'oOne of the many cool things about being a Pixie is that no matter how dressed-down you are, your hairstyle elevates you to chic, baby, chic.

jean_seberg_22047_11Pixies look great in casual wear. We’re so loving Lupita Nyong’o that we’ll cite this more relaxed look (soft-looking printed pants and a colorful sweater, as well as cool, oversized hoops and dramatic nails) as a perfect example of how informal gets elevated to inspiring. 

Now take a look at classic Jean Seberg, also in prints, also lounging and casual. You see?


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The Only Thing You Need To Know About the Oscars…

788251… is this look, and this lady.

Lovely dress, lovely pixcessory (the headband!). Lovely, inspiring speech.

She nailed everything, and we salute her!

Great job, Lolita Nalander!

– Sincerely, guest blogger John Travolta

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Pretty Pixie

1393439560_anne-hathaway-adam-schulman-lgAnne Hathaway is rocking some great pixcessories!

Here she is with her husband in L.A.

She’s got the striped shirt, a cute hat, nice shades, and tight jeans with ballet flats.

You’re hitting every note, Anne, and you look lovely!

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The Look That Lingers

Classic Pixcessory... the striped shirt!

Classic Pixcessory… the striped shirt!

I remember when I first heard the Cranberries I listened to their albums over… and over… and over again…

Definitely part of the allure was the iconic looks sported by their lead singer, Dolores O’Riordan. She had some great Pixie Cuts… short and blonde, short and brunette, a little shaggy… she rocked it.

If you haven’t gone Pixie already, what’s stopping you? (Wait for it…) Everybody else is doing it, so why can’t we?

002TCS_The_Cranberries_078 Dolores-O-Riordan-the-cranberries-59452_1280_960 Dolores+ORiordan

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Lupita Nyong’o = Perfection

1392848672_lupita-nyongo-lgLupita Nyong’o is pictured here at an event in  NYC.

She is perfection, through and through.

What’s she going to wear to the Oscars? What’s her look going to be?

Whatever she does — she’ll kill it!


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Bravo, Ellen Page!

Long hair, short hair -- Ellen Page has Pixie Moxie!

Long hair, short hair — Ellen Page has Pixie Moxie!

In a beautiful, heartfelt, brave speech (you can watch the video here), Ellen Page has come out as a lesbian at Time to THRIVE, an event for LGBT youth.

She addresses so many issues, in such a plainspoken and forthright way.

Watch the video.

Our hats are off to you, Ellen Page!

You are a beautiful lady, inside and out!

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Giant Step Backward

I also toyed with the idea of calling this post simply “EW.”

And I don’t mean Entertainment Weekly. I mean, Ugh.

This is totally uncool.

This is totally uncool.

Pam Anderson, who wowed recently with her Pixie Cut (first blonde, then brunette, then back to blonde), looks like a total idiot in this stupid PETA video.

First off, the music is straight out of Roger Rabbit. I don’t mean figuratively. I mean they literally lifted Amy Irving singing as Jessica Rabbit* in the nightclub scene, replete with the crowd’s wolf whistles.

If you listen carefully you can probably even hear Bob Hoskins breathing. What gives?

Second, Pam is doing a strip tease for … a dog. She has rubber balls stuffed into her bra… I mean… UGH!


* If you started to say “But Kathleen Turner was the voice of Jessica Rabbit!” you are correct. But Amy Irving did the singing in the nightclub scene. Seriously. There’s no point in trying to beat me at this stuff.

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She’s So Lovely

imagesMy recent post about Robin Wright (and the one before that) got me thinking about her very cool, bedraggled-to-the-point-of-almost-being-punk look in 1997′s She’s So Lovely.

It was a strange film.

The first half had Robin and Sean Penn getting into all kinds of trouble.

shessolovelyRobin had a very cool short cut and lots of runny eyeliner.

In the second half, she had long hair and was married to John Travolta.

Enough said.

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