When a Look is Perfection…


… You don’t need to write anything. You just post the damn picture.*

*But then you might add that the eyebrows and deconstructed tee are gorgeous Pixcessories.

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Millie Bobby Brown’s Stranger Pixie

No, no, no, it’s not that her Pixie Cut is strange… It’s the sweet buzz cut that the actress rocks in Stranger Things!

I love it, especially paired with the retro dress and striped knee socks she wears. And the nosebleed.

Above, she reminds me of Jean Seberg, of course.

And then the look Millie has been sporting since is also tres chic!

(As you may have guessed, the image above is a la Getty Images.)

Millie Bobby Brown is awesome. I remember seeing her in some series where she said “What goes around, comes around.” She said it a lot. Like at first I was like, Whoa, that little girl is scary. The way she says “What goes around comes around” is very effective! Then after a while I was like, Enough. That’s totally on the writers, though. MBB rocks!

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Lauren Cohan’s Pixie Cut is Very Much Alive

Another Pixie on The Walking Dead! Okay, I could not be later with this, but hey, better late etc., right?


Lauren Cohan looks ravishing with her Pixie Cut, and these before-and-after pics (I love before-and-after pics!!) show you just how much the short crop elevates her look!


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Happy Rex Manning Day!

The 1995 movie Empire Records is really terrible, but it’s still a little time capsule of the 90s. And since we’ve been celebrating buzz cuts, what better way to recognize Rex Manning Day on PF than with a tribute to Robin Tunney’s shaved head?


Here’s a clip of Robin giving herself, well, the clip!

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Ever since I posted about Ruth Bell, I’ve been really into buzz cuts. Buzz cuts just look awesome on women. Remember how cool Charlize Theron looked with hers for Mad Max?

deadpool-movie-first-look-at-warhead-feat And here’s NEGASONIC TEENAGE WARHEAD from the blockbuster Deadpool. OMG, actress Brianna Hildebrand looks so freakin’ awesome. I. Love. Her. Look. Which, BTW, she rocks onscreen and off. And see how nicely it transitions into a Pixie?




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Ruth Bell’s Amazing Buzz Cut

I was going to post a slideshow from Elle called “The Top Pixie Cuts of All Time” but then I scrolled through it and I was like, No. The first picture was of Nicole Ritchie with what was definitely not a Pixie Cut. Also, they misspelled Jean Seberg’s name (what-WHAT?).


But via the slideshow, I did become aware of a model named Ruth Bell who has a kick-ass buzz cut. I love buzz cuts. Buzz cuts are awesome. Is a buzz cut a Pixie Cut? Yes, ’tis. Absolutely. Anyway, here is an interview with Ruth Bell, also at Elle, and a before-and-after shot.


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I Do Declare, Miss Scarlett!

I swear, the last time we watched Nashville just a few days ago, I was looking at Scarlett’s long, rippling mermaid  hair and thinking, “How would she look with a Pixie Cut?”


I guess that’s not so weird given that I’m clearly obsessed with the cut, but still. I wondered; she did it!

Check out Clare Bowen’s chop (and read about the why too, if you’re interested). Whatdya think? Personally I think she could have gone even SHORTER but then I guess it is Nashville…

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Game of Pixies

Pixie of Thrones? Come on, I don’t know. It’s not a show title that lends itself to Pixie references.

Anyway, Pixie Forever viewer wrote in and asked me to feature beautiful Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, who appears on Game of Thrones. 

superthumb Rosabelle_Laurenti_Sellers

Guess what? I’ve never seen GoT. But she looks fierce in character — and her look is fresh and Pixie-perfect off set, too.

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Kate Mara’s Fantastic Pixie Cut

Kate Mara’s new movie, Fantastic Four, is apparently a huge flop. But her Pixie Cut is anything but! (Isn’t that the kind of opening sentence I’m supposed to write? How about “Fantastic Four may have tanked at the box office, but Kate Mara’s new ‘do is a blockbuster!”)


Seriously, I don’t think Kate has ever looked better. She is Pixie perfection. Get inspired by these photos, and then go to Hollywood Life for How to Style a Pixie Cut.


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Can You Look At This Picture and NOT Cut Your Hair?

(Just wondering. Because I can’t.)




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