Ruth Bell’s Amazing Buzz Cut

I was going to post a slideshow from Elle called “The Top Pixie Cuts of All Time” but then I scrolled through it and I was like, No. The first picture was of Nicole Ritchie with what was definitely not a Pixie Cut. Also, they misspelled Jean Seberg’s name (what-WHAT?).


But via the slideshow, I did become aware of a model named Ruth Bell who has a kick-ass buzz cut. I love buzz cuts. Buzz cuts are awesome. Is a buzz cut a Pixie Cut? Yes, ’tis. Absolutely. Anyway, here is an interview with Ruth Bell, also at Elle, and a before-and-after shot.


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I Do Declare, Miss Scarlett!

I swear, the last time we watched Nashville just a few days ago, I was looking at Scarlett’s long, rippling mermaid  hair and thinking, “How would she look with a Pixie Cut?”


I guess that’s not so weird given that I’m clearly obsessed with the cut, but still. I wondered; she did it!

Check out Clare Bowen’s chop (and read about the why too, if you’re interested). Whatdya think? Personally I think she could have gone even SHORTER but then I guess it is Nashville…

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Game of Pixies

Pixie of Thrones? Come on, I don’t know. It’s not a show title that lends itself to Pixie references.

Anyway, Pixie Forever viewer wrote in and asked me to feature beautiful Rosabell Laurenti Sellers, who appears on Game of Thrones. 

superthumb Rosabelle_Laurenti_Sellers

Guess what? I’ve never seen GoT. But she looks fierce in character — and her look is fresh and Pixie-perfect off set, too.

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Kate Mara’s Fantastic Pixie Cut

Kate Mara’s new movie, Fantastic Four, is apparently a huge flop. But her Pixie Cut is anything but! (Isn’t that the kind of opening sentence I’m supposed to write? How about “Fantastic Four may have tanked at the box office, but Kate Mara’s new ‘do is a blockbuster!”)


Seriously, I don’t think Kate has ever looked better. She is Pixie perfection. Get inspired by these photos, and then go to Hollywood Life for How to Style a Pixie Cut.


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Can You Look At This Picture and NOT Cut Your Hair?

(Just wondering. Because I can’t.)



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Ruby Rose, You Rock

Do I even need to write accompanying text? I’ll do the bare minimum and let these photos speak their thousands of words… Here’s Ruby Rose of OITNB.



And Ruby Rose with her fiancee Phoebe Dahl…

8719ce6f31044ce3a2af50756c688a2e.ashx 2482627D00000578-2901691-image-a-16_1420722245587 ruby-rose-phoebe-dahl



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OMG Lena Dunham Looks So Gorgeous

Lena Dunham was on The Late Late ToNight Show with Jimmy Fallon and OMG she looks so beautiful… radiant… chic… oh, basically the embodiment of a Pixie. Rock on, Lena!

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 10.56.08 AM

h/t Us Weekly

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Lily is Killin’ It

I don’t think I have to say much more here than OMFG LILY COLLINS IS KILLIN’ IT WITH HER PIXIE CUT! Just look at the gorgeous photos she posted on Instagram

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.05.05 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 4.05.14 PM


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Mystery Pixie on Pinterest

I was looking for some good Pixie Inspiration to post and I came across this photo on the Interweb…


Who am I?

Wow, how beautiful is she? Love the whole look: the red lips, the retro sweater. I clicked on the image but it just took me to… Pinterest. I can’t figure that thing out. Millions of pics, can’t find this specific one, even if I could, would it just bounce me back to another Pinterest page?

I give up. Pinterest is like, what, a virtual bulletin board, right? I have a real bulletin board. It’s hanging on the wall next to my desk as I write this. Grumble…. luddite… grumble…. But I’d love to feature more photos of this VIP. Gentle readers, if you can trace the origins of this photo, please give me a heads up at or visit me on the ol’ Book of Faces!

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Pixie Ex Machina

913a2d762c76429535d428a2d63ab3b258cb3143c89a9470e2f61a6e6283e20dThe new Alex Garland film Ex Machina is totally awesome on lots of different levels. But hey, you don’t come here for my movie reviews. So can we talk about Ava’s sexy Pixie crop? Ava, you see, is a robot (played beguilingly by Alicia Vikander). When she dresses up to impress a visitor, she wisely chooses a pretty frock, a cardigan, and… a Pixie wig. You’d think there’d be scads of photos of her like this on the web, but could it be that no one is as occupied with that particular aspect of the movie as me? And, of course, you?


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