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Classic Mia Farrow

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Happy Halloween!

Hail Rosemary!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t post one of the most famous Pixies in the world from one of the scariest movies ever.

Mia Farrow has one of the greatest Pixie Cuts ever (“I’ve been to Vidal Sassoon”) in Rosemary’s Baby and is MVP (Most Valuable Pixie) to many.

Here she is mid-movie, with great goth dark circles under her eyes and some fabulous Pixcessories (a cute hat and scarf).

Mia, for this and a lot more, we salute you!

Check out last year’s Halloween pick here!

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RIP Vidal Sassoon

Mia gets a $5000 haircut (Vidal's airfare included).

Rest in peace, Vidal Sassoon.

Sassoon was immortalized with Mia Farrow’s words in “Rosemary’s Baby” (“I’ve been to Vidal Sassoon”) and her gorgeous, gothic, iconic pixie cut for that movie.

Mia recently tweeted the following about Vidal’s passing: “Ppl ask: Vidal Sassoon trimmed my inch long hair as publicity prank 4 RosemrysBaby Actually I cut my own hair 2yrs earlier. He was nice. RIP”

Having been to Vidal Sassoon...

What I believe Mia is referring to is the fact that she chopped off her hair on her own, at home. Then Vidal was flown in to tidy it up (and to garner some p.r. for “Rosemary’s Baby.”

Of course now the headlines are all “Was it a prank?!” but I think I’ve got it right, if I remember her memoir correctly.

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Michelle Williams Tries to Out-Mia Mia Farrow

Left, Mia Farrow. Right, Michelle Williams. In case you couldn't tell the difference!

Michelle Williams’ new strawberry blonde hair color is not necessarily a big change, but crikey, does it make her look like Mia Farrow or what?

Here’s Michelle at the¬†Palm Springs Film Festival Awards with her new hue.

She’s rocking the light eyebrows and black eye makeup, as well as the natural-toned lip color.

She looks great. And very Mia!

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Mia Wasikowska is a VIP

Another Mia, another beautiful crop!

It’s another Mia!

Her long, long hair in The Kids Are All Right was all right, but it’s this fabulous Pixie cut that’s really putting her on the map. For her film Restless, it’s a classic¬†croupe de Seberg: short in back, with fringy bangs.

Then on the red carpet, she started wearing it a little long in front, uncompromisingly shorn in back.

Either way, she’s a true Pixie through and through!

I never get tired of saying this: with her long hair in The Kids Are All Right, Mia was quite lovely.

But — her fabulous Pixie crop sends her loveliness into a different stratosphere.

Oh, and by the way: it’s pronounced “vash-i-kov-ska.”

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Halloween Special: Nastassja Kinski in Cat People


Hindsight makes it clear that I should have saved Mia Farrow in Rosemary’s Baby for Halloween, since it’s one of the best horror movies ever and one of the most (the most?) iconic Pixies ever.

I didn’t, but we could do a lot worse than Nastassja Kinski’s beautiful short cut in Cat People.

1982’s Cat People, unlike the lovely, haunting original, is quite silly and at times outright laughable.

But there’s nothing funny about Nastassja’s look.

Her brunette crop shows off that beautiful face and huge eyes, and compliments her slender frame instead of overwhelming it.

It’s purrrfect… too bad the movie stinks like yesterday’s cat box!

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Halloween Weekend Special: Spooky Pixies

The devil didn't do this... Vidal did!

In honor of the Halloween weekend, we’re going to look at some spooky Pixies.

I have more up my sleeve, but I can’t begin with anyone but Rosemary herself, Mia Farrow.

In the 1968 classic horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, she starts out with a cute pageboy (actually a wig).

When pregnant with the devil’s spawn, she goes to Vidal Sassoon (she really does in real life — check out the picture!) and comes back with an iconic crop.

Her movie husband, Guy, is less than thrilled and continues to harp on how bad the haircut looks for the rest of the movie, but what does he know? He had his wife sexed by the devil so that his acting career would take off, for crying out loud!

Mia seems to have thick, wavy hair — maybe even curly? Anyone know? — and the wave really compliments the short ‘do. Another thing that really works in a spooky way is how goth she ends up looking in the movie… very pale, very thin, with dark circles under her eyes. Never underestimate the look of the goth Pixie!

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Pixie Forever is on Facebook!

Mia gets her own album on Facebook!

Pixie Forever is on Facebook!

There’s updates, info, and tons of photos… look no further for Pixie Inspiration!

And remember, we want to hear from you!

Email us on FB or at pixieforeverblog@gmail.com

Send us a pic and anything else you’d like to tell us about your Pixie cut: when you got it, what it means to you, and how you keep it looking fabulous!

Don’t forget to LIKE us (after all, what’s not to like?)!

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VIP: Carey Mulligan

I'm pretty!

Carey Mulligan’s got a great career going, she’s rid herself of that rogue Shia LeBouf, and she’s got a stylin’ pixie ‘do! Wonder if that last thing was the impetus for those other things….

Okay, maybe not, since her career started smoking before she made the cut. But still, people looked at her in a whole new way after she got cropped.

Carey’s Pixie looks beautiful whether she’s blonde or brunette. She’s got such a pretty little face, why hide it behind a ton of hair when a short little Pixie crop will do?

Also note, while I’ve never met Miss Mulligan, she appears to be teeny-tiny. Sometimes the petite misses get lost behind tons and tons of hair.

I'm pretty, too!

A little Pixie ‘do owns that tinyness and sends all the best features into full effect while complimenting one’s petite stature and features. Think Audrey Hepburn, think Mia Farrow. I don’t know how tall those ladies are, but they are muy, muy, delgado (that means skinny!).

I also want to point out that with her blonde look, Carey went for some smoky eye makeup that could have looked overdone on someone with long locks. But the Pixie allows for some cool eye makeup or bright red lipstick (not both at the same time, please!).

And finally, I like that Carey paired her blonde ‘do with an LBD. Nice going all around, Carey! Maybe one day you’ll be in our Hall of Fame… just watch your P’s & Q’s! (Does anyone know what that actually means?)

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Pixcessories: Sunglasses

Oui, mon shades are tres bien!

It’s fitting that the first Pixcessories post is on sunglasses, one of the greatest accessories a Pixie can sport.

Jean Seberg bewitches in hers in Breathless, and Mia Farrow similarly rocks in a pair of oversize specs.

Why do sunglasses look so darn cool with a cropped cut? Who knows. Maybe it’s because with lots of hair, shades can make a lady look a bit overblown.

Maybe it’s because when you go minimal with your hair, you can pull off other stuff, like shades, heavy eye makeup, or bright red lipstick. Or maybe it’s because a Pixie is just so cool, anything looks good on her!

Si, Mia (har) specs es muy bueno!

Take note, Pixies shouldn’t go too small when they pick out their shades. Bigger is better, and go as retro as you like!

Big and round (like Mia’s) work well unless you are very, very tiny in which case it might look like the sunglasses are wearing you. A dainty damsel like Jean Seberg shows off her fine features with the slightly smaller, catseye frames.

But still, don’t go too small!

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